Frequently asked questions about Office 365 migration projects

Q: We are considering moving to Microsoft Office 365.   Why would we consider using consultancy from office365migrate.com ?

A: I have extensive experience as an email migration consultant helping customers like yourself.   I can advise on your migration strategy & planning, as well as doing your actual migration to O365.   Importantly, I can help you make the right decisions, and avoid making any wrong ones !   A successful migration involves setting you on the right road to making cost savings from migrating to Office 365.

I am flexible and can do as little, or as much as you require.


Q: Who are office365migrate.com, and where are you based ?

A: I am an independent messaging consultant who specializes in email migration projects, including to O365.   I have done a large number of email migrations – this experience and knowledge can ensure your email migration is a success.  When necessary I involve additional email migration consultants.   I have offices in Los Angeles (USA), Auckland (NZ), Sydney (Australia).



Q: We are planning a migration to Microsoft Office 365.  At what time would we involve office365migrate.com ?

A: As early as possible.   Having my involvement from the start is preferred, as I can help plan your migration project, including any coexistence.   A detailed project plan, accurate costings, and a clear migration strategy up front can save you a lot of money on the overall cost of the project.   My most successful projects have resulted in working with the C-level people from the business, and having them sponsor the project from inception.


Q: Which email systems can you migrate between ?

A: I can tackle a migration between any major email platform.   Typically, I am asked to help with more challenging migrations such as those from Domino, or GroupWise, onto Exchange 2013/2016, or Office 365.    There is also a surprising number of companies on Exchange 2003/2007/2010 who need help migrating onto a newer platform.  

There are many commonalities within an email migration project, irrespective of the technologies involved.  I have the experience in the technical side, and also the non-technical areas – which is why I am able to deliver a successful service.   An email migration project is not just moving mail data around – it involves a myriad of factors which are not to be ignored.