migrate safely from Exchange 2007 to Office 365

For your Exchange 2007 migration to Office 365, you need to consider the migration strategy carefully.   Do you need any coexistence between the two platforms, or can you cut across to Office 365 in one weekend?   Do you want to migrate any mail data into Office 365, or start with empty mailboxes, with maybe PST files containing legacy mail data.

Exchange 2007 Migration to Office 365|Preparation

You will need to prepare your Active Directory ready for the Office 365 migration, and implement a method of synchronizing your local Active Directory with the one in your Office 365 account.

Exchange 2007 migration to Office 365Accurate discovery and analysis of your Exchange 2007 environment, along with housekeeping to remove any unwanted data, are all beneficial steps you can take.  Maybe you have Public Folders, and shared mailboxes?   What about application servers that need to send emails ?  There are lots of questions that need to be addressed in an email migration plan.

There are Microsoft tools available to help with the migration, or you can use one of the many 3rd Party tools, including cloud-based solutions, that are available for a migration to Office 365.

Migrating an Exchange 2007 environment, to any new platform, that has more than 100 mailboxes is a major undertaking.

Exchange 2007 to Office 365 Migration|Consulting

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