GroupWise to Office 365 Migration & Coexistence

Introduction | GroupWise is Alive

GroupWise to Office 365 migration project requests are still coming into my inbox. This is a surprise, as GroupWise keeps on dying each year. But then these requests keep on coming.   GroupWise is dead, long live GroupWise…. maybe not, but you get the idea.

See an interesting view on email platform market share info here.   0.19% companies use GroupWise today according to this research from enlyft.   That is a lot of companies!

Companies are still using GroupWise. The latest GroupWise version is GroupWise 18. It is being actively developed by MicroFocus, with GroupWise 18.1 now out.   I do not understand how a CIO can sit in their role and promote using GroupWise in their organisation.

I can only assume it is one of the following:

  • financial constraint
  • security reason
  • anti-Microsoft sentiment
  • some other reason – not a technical one

Migrate from GroupWise to Office 365

I like GroupWise, and it is great to see another messaging platform out there alongside Office 365, Google, Lotus Notes, Amazon.   However, it makes sense to move away from it due to the advent of cloud computing and the actual productivity benefits available in the cloud.

GroupWise to O365 Consulting

However, I strongly recommend you engage out GroupWise to Office 365 consulting services to start planning your migration to Office 365. There are some great GroupWise migration and coexistence tools out there. GroupWise consulting is dying away, but here at office365migrate we have certified GroupWise to Office 365 migration experts ready to migrate you safely.  Contact us today!

GroupWise to O365 Coexistence

There are different ways to migrate off GroupWise onto O365, which involve varying levels of coexistence – from none, to rich coexistence. Expensive 3rd Party tools may not be needed to achive a light level of coexistence. We have all the different options here for your GroupWise to O365 migration (and coexistence) strategy.

With cloud computing, Microsoft’s Office 365 offering is more and more compelling. Make the move off GroupWise to Office 365 and start realising those benefits to your business.  I have had no requests to move from Office 365 to GroupWise!