Project Rescue

We encounter many Office 365 email migration projects that are heading towards disaster.   Typically, the CIO will bring us in to make the project a success.  Letting a bad project keep running can be very expensive, and career threatening.

Many people believe they can run the project with little experience.

Email migration projects are complex, and can soon go badly after a few bad decisions.   Often there are other factors that can make matters worse, for example:

  • Poor communication
  • Unskilled team
  • Poor planning
  • Wrong migration strategy
  • Over complex approach

All our projects are run in a simple, understandable way.  All members of the project team are able to enunciate clearly what is happening at any point in the project.

Our aim here are  is to make your O365 migration project as boring as possible.    This is the best praise we can get from customers – that the whole experience was unexciting.   Boring is good when it comes to migrating your company email platform!