O365 to O365 Migration (Tenant to Tenant)

With an increasing number of businesses now using Office 365, we receive more requests for migrating between Office 365 Tenants.   This can be triggered by an acquisition or merger event.

These types of migrations usually involve migrating from one O365 Tenant to another, existing O365 Tenant.    This type of migration requires the usual careful planning.  Microsoft provide some new Tenant to Tenant migration tools for the data migration aspects, but this does not reflect the complexities involved.

O365 has many services, other than Exchange Online, and these need to be considered.   There may be Active Directory involved, with local Active Directories.  Is Single Sign On being used?   Anyone using Teams?  Any Sharepoint data?   How can an email domain be registered on both Tenants?  What level of coexistence can be established?

Migrating between O365 Tenants is one of the more complicated migrations you can undertake, due to the many dependencies involved, and with production users on each Tenant, you need to take extra care with each technical change that is made.

If the O365 Tenant to Tenant migration is driven by a merger or acquisition, then there will likely be legal dates involved, which adds extra pressure to any work required.   Planning for these types of migrations needs to start as early as possible.

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