GroupWise to Office 365 Migration & Coexistence

GroupWise coexistence

GroupWise to Office 365 Migration and Coexistence

A GroupWise migration to Office 365 project is a complex undertaking, which requires help from experienced messaging consultants.   We have that expertise here at office365migrate.comGroupwise coexistence is an important aspect of any GroupWise migration project for over 500 mailboxes.   You may be migrating GroupWise to Exchange, or GroupWise to Office 365 – either one may require a complex GroupWise coexistence setup.

You can choose to migrate direct from GroupWise to Office 365, with no coexistence.   This can be achieved with an on-premise Migration Server running 3rd Party software (such as Quest GroupWise Migrator to Exchange, or MFG as it is known).  Or you can use a cloud based service, leveraging the IMAP protocol.

Typically, the recommended path is to establish GroupWise coexistence with Exchange\O365 and then migrate over a period of time.

groupwise to o365 migrationTraditionally, however, a protracted migration period, with GroupWise coexistence, is required.  This has a lower business risk.  For this you can use another Quest tool called Coexistence Manager for GroupWise (CMG).   The Quest tools (MFG,CMG) are complex to setup, configure, and use – requiring the services of one of our experienced qualified Office 365 migration experts.

There are limited options for GroupWise coexistence with O365 (or Exchange On-Premise), but the best solution is the Quest CMG product.  It works very well, and gives you the following GroupWise coexistence features:

  • Mail Flow
  • Address Book Sync
  • Free Busy

Limited GroupWise coexistence (with no 3rd Party tools) with Office 365, or Exchange, can be implemented, but without Calendar Free Busy.

Novell eDirectory Migration

Often there is a migration component from NDS (Netware Directory Services) to Active Directory to plan for, as well as the mail migration.   GroupWise skills are required to ensure successful integration with Office 365, and to minimize disruption to your business during the migration period.

GroupWise to Office 365 Migration & Coexistence Planning

Detailed analysis and planning is required, as well as a test lab.  This is a project not to be rushed, if you want your business email to keep flowing without incident.  Not many consultants have all the technical skills required for this type of email migration project – our team has the skill and experience to make your move from GroupWise to Office 365 a success.

GroupWise to Office 365 Migration & Coexistence Consulting

Our consultants have carried out many GroupWise migration and coexistence projects, including to Office 365, and we regard ourselves as the foremost experts in this niche area.   Contact Us today to help you with your GroupWise to O365 migration project.  You will be dealing directly with an expert messaging consultant, not a sales person.