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Many of my customers are still using Lotus Notes.   But many have also decided to migrate off Lotus Notes to Office 365.   There are question marks over the the IBM road map for Domino – will it be supported as an email platform in the future.   Cloud computing is growing, and Office 365 is fast becoming the industry standard.   Migration and coexistence tools are commonplace to help you migrate off Lotus Notes, and the process is well-established.   IT support skills for Domino are getting more sparse, and more expensive.    Collaboration between companies is becoming more important, as is document storage – Microsoft Office 365 offers Skype for Business and Sharepoint in that space.

Additionally, by moving to O365, you get a resilient, off-site, secure, fixed price messaging system, all in one.

Lotus Notes Features

Lotus Notes has some great features – I especially like the calendaring engine and mail-in databases.  These great reasons are part of the reason why companies are still using Lotus Notes, for their messaging and applications.

Reasons to Migrate off Lotus Notes to Office 365

The list of reasons for staying on Lotus Notes is getting less, and the list of reasons for migrating to Office 365 are getting longer.   All of my customers who I have helped transition from Domino to Office 365 have reduced their operational costs.

Contact me for a free consultation for your migration off Lotus Notes to Office 365, and learn how you can get ready to make your migration a success.   Coexistence is also a key consideration for migrating from Domino to Office 365.

Lotus Notes Migration to Office 365 Webinar

See our great webinar for more information on migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365 successfully.   Any Lotus Notes migration needs to consider the messaging and application areas carefully – for migration and coexistence.

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