Microsoft Exchange 2019 Migration

Microsoft is due to release news on Exchange 2019 during this year, and we are likely to see the product late 2018.   Exchange 2019 is the latest release of Microsoft’s on-premise mail platform.   It will be part of the Microsoft Office 2019 set of products.

Migration to Exchange 2019

If you are considering migrating to Exchange 2019, then you should be considering a migration to Office 365 as an alternative.   Some customers require on-premise Exchange for specific requirements, but if that does not include your organisation, then this may be the right time to move to Office 365.

I expect Exchange 2019 to be able to be added into an existing Exchange 2013 Organization, as previous Exchange releases have supported two versions back of Exchange – for a mixed Org scenario.

Exchange 2019 is expected to include features already released into Exchange Online, which is one of the reasons you should be considering Office 365 as your new email platform.   When Microsoft release details of Exchange 2019, we will detail them here.

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