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Office 365 migration speed is a common topic of conversation when migrating large amounts of mail data to the cloud.   When migrating to Office 365 using a 3rd Party Tool (eg: Quest MFNE, Binary Tree CMTe) the mailbox data migration throughput can be slow.  This is especially common for Domino to Office 365 migrations.   Microsoft apply a level of throttling on message data ingestion into Office 365, to protect the overall performance of the shared platform.   This seems reasonable for a shared service.  However if you are only seeing speeds of 200MB/hr, then this makes your email migration very slow!  I have seen speeds of up to 2GB/hr for Domino migrations to O365.

If you are seeing 200MB/hr speed, and have 500GB of data, then that is an awfully long migration time!

Note: if you are migrating from an Exchange On Premise server to O365 via Hybrid, you will see much faster speeds.

All is not lost.

O365 Migration Throttling Solutions

From your new O365 Tenant, you can raise a support ticket with Microsoft for them to temporarily relax the throttling for your O365 migration.  This will increase your Office 365 migration speed.  You need to be specific about what you want, and also persistent in ensuring they agree to action it.  By naming the exact parameters you want changing will help.

Request (nicely) for the EWS throttling limits below to be increased for a short period: eg) 90 days.

EwsCutoffBalance = Unlimited
EwsMaxSubscriptions = 20
EwsMaxBurst = Unlimited
EwsMaxConcurrency = 27
EwsRechargeRate = Unlimited

More Migration Servers = More Office 365 Migration Speed

If you are migrating from Domino to Office 365 then you can deploy more migration servers.   Each migration server will be able to migrate at a certain rate – consider adding more migration servers to get a higher overall O365 throughput.

Of course, there are other ways of improving the overall migration speed, but getting the above set is a great start, and is recommended.   If you need expert consulting for your migration to O365, then please get in touch today!   We have achieved rapid migrations to Office 365 for large amounts of data.   A combination of solutions is needed to get the right migration throughput for your requirements.

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